APSW documentation

APSW 3.38.1-r1 released 22 March 2022

Use with SQLite 3.38 or later, CPython 3.7 and later:

A release from January 2022 supports all CPython versions back to 2.3. The tips include more information about versions.

APSW provides an SQLite 3 wrapper that provides the thinnest layer over the SQLite database library possible. Everything you can do from the SQLite C API, you can do from Python. Although APSW looks vaguely similar to the PEP 249 (DBAPI), it is not compliant with that API because instead it works the way SQLite 3 does. (Read more about the differences).

In general you should use Python’s builtin sqlite3 module. Use APSW when you are intentionally using SQLite, want to use its APIs, want to control what versions are used, or want to control SQLite’s configuration (primarily done at compile time) or extensions (like JSON or FTS)

APSW is hosted at https://github.com/rogerbinns/apsw


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