Best Practice


Because SQLite keeps very strong backwards compatibility, there are several quirks and settings improvements that are not automatically done. This module does them for you, and keeps up to date with SQLite best practises. Several are described in the SQLite documentation.

Functions whose name begin with library apply to the SQLite library as a whole, while those with connection apply to individual connections.

You can call the individual functions, or apsw.bestpractice.apply() to apply several. apply() will setup apsw.connection_hooks to affect future connections that are made. recommended is the recommended group:

import apsw.bestpractice



Ensure SQLite usage prevents common mistakes, and get best performance.

apsw.bestpractice.apply(which: tuple[Callable, ...]) None[source]

Applies library immediately and connection to new connections

apsw.bestpractice.connection_busy_timeout(connection: Connection, duration_ms: int = 100) None[source]

Sets a short busy timeout


duration_ms – How many thousandths of a second to wait

When another thread or process has locked the database, SQLite immediately raises apsw.BusyError. Changing the busy timeout gives a grace period during which SQLite retries.

apsw.bestpractice.connection_dqs(connection: Connection) None[source]

Double quotes are for identifiers only, not strings

Turns off allowing double quoted strings if they don’t match any identifier (column/table names etc), making it an error to use double quotes around strings. SQL strings use single quotes.

apsw.bestpractice.connection_enable_foreign_keys(connection: Connection) None[source]

Enables foreign key constraints

Foreign keys need to be enabled to have an effect.

apsw.bestpractice.connection_wal(connection: Connection) None[source]

Turns on write ahead logging

Reduces contention and improves write performance. WAL is described here.

apsw.bestpractice.library_logging() None[source]

Forwards SQLite logging to Python logging module

See apsw.ext.log_sqlite()

apsw.bestpractice.recommended: tuple[Callable, ...] = (<function connection_wal>, <function connection_busy_timeout>, <function connection_enable_foreign_keys>, <function connection_dqs>, <function library_logging>)

All of them